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World Book Day

Last week we celebrated the joy of reading and books. With World Book Day, our focus has been on all of the wonderful literary worlds, adventures and characters that we all know and love! We loved dressing up as famous characters. Here are some of our favourite books:

‘I love “Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth”. It’s interesting and there’s some really tricky vocabulary for me to learn’ - Siobhan, Shackleton

I love “Alice in Wonderland”, I like the bit where she falls down the rabbit hole into the magical world’ - Eliza, Potter

'I recommend Green Eggs and Ham as one of our must have books because it can teach you something while making you smile.’ - Saraya, Elgar

At St. Martin’s Prep, our children’s relationship with reading and literature has a large impact on their learning and development both in and outside of the classroom. Evidence suggests that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures.

At our school, we try to install a love of reading early on, with children being encouraged to find joy in reading and books. From as soon as our pupils enter school, our team of inspiring teachers share the magic of stories, books and reading. Discussions, activities and a wide variety of literature - both fiction and non-fiction - mean our children have enriching experiences relating to books and reading, bringing out interest, passion and engagement.