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The Friends of St Martin's PTA do a great job

The Friends of St Martin's is our PTA, the Parent and Teacher Association, and they do a great job fundraising. The events they organise and money they raise do a lot for the school and hugely benefit the pupils. Together we are building a stronger school for the future.

The Friends of St Martin's run and support:

  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Summer Fair
  • Halloween Party Celebrations
  • Support religious celebrations, such as Eid and Diwali

Many contributions have been made by the PTA, the Friends of St Martin's and they include:

  • Theatre groups visiting the school
  • School bus costs for trips
  • Ipads for the school
  • School Timber Trail
  • New sound/light systems for the school stage

Take a look at our facebook page to see what our PTA has been a part of in the last year!


What can you do?

There is no formal joining process to become a member of the PTA. In fact, just by being a parent you are already a member! If you are interested in taking an active role with the Friends of St Martin's, come to a meeting.

We encourage all families to participate in the Friends. This can mean different things for different families. Mums, Dads, older siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and carers are welcome to volunteer. Our PTA is family centred. Some are very involved attending meetings, helping with planning, helping to run events, others lend a hand setting up or cleaning up after an event, and some donate raffle prizes or send in cakes for sales, but the best thing you can do for the PTA is attend the events. Every bit of support is welcomed.