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Pre School - A day in the life…

Our day begins at 8.30, where we catch up with our friends and give a cheery ‘Good Morning’ to our special teachers. We also take the opportunity to look at the school guinea pigs.

At 8.55 we are excited to begin the day’s activities. These include lots of structured play, small focused group activities, free play and continuous access to our outdoor learning area.

After our morning snack and milk, we go out to play on our own playground- designed solely for us. We like this because there is so much to do and the teachers keep making little changes to it.

In Reception we read to our teachers every day and take part in daily phonics, writing and number activities. In the afternoon we love to get creative- we get out the painting, construction, play on the computers and find out all about the world around us both inside and outside.

In Pre-School we are introduced to initial sounds and numbers from the day we start and are encouraged to use our growing skills during the structured play activities and continuous provision throughout the day.

At lunchtime, the teachers and dinner ladies join us and help us to eat our dinner and talk to us about all kinds of things. We love this because they never leave us and they think our stories are funny!

Each day there are specialist teachers coming in such as Sport coaches, Music teachers and Miss. Harris, who comes to visit us every Tuesday morning to teach us French.

By the end of the day it is time for quiet story time, we can relax and reflect upon our day before our Mums and Dads collect us at 3.30 p.m. On to another exciting day tomorrow!

Find out more about our Pre-School, call 01472 878 907.