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About our Prep

Helping develop pupils and excellent 11+ test results

The Prep School will ensure your child is well prepared for secondary education. Building on from your child’s progress in Pre-Prep School, your child will continue to benefit from the strength of our teaching staff and greater specialist subject teacher’s knowledge.

A high standard of academia is complemented by extra-curricular activities. We help to develop our pupils to become confident, inquisitive, and respectful individuals throughout life at St. Martin's as well as life beyond. This means that your child will be happy and stimulated, becoming very well prepared for their next academic step.

Our pupils consistently achieve excellent results in their 11+ tests, which is a result of their hard work and our inclusive and supportive learning atmosphere. A high number of our pupils gain entrance to their first choice of school.

'St. Martin's Prep has impacted our whole family - it's such a welcoming place. Our children have been encouraged and inspired to achieve - from passing the 11+ to performing in front of an audience of over 300 - they have become well rounded individuals and are proud to be members of the St. Martin's Prep community. What a tremendous place.'