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Story Time Open Evening Thursday 7th March

Celebrate World Book Day with something extra-special this year!

St. Martin's Prep are hosting a 'Storytime Open Evening'. From 3.00pm until 5.00pm, get cosy with us and wind down for the evening with a story and literary themed activities. For children under 5, activities will be running until 4.30pm.

With stories being told by our inspiring teachers, books being shared by pupils and staff, a chance to write your own short story in our story building classes (including setting, character and plot line seminars), and animated tales to enjoy with a hot chocolate, there is something to engage children of all ages and evoke passion and enthusiasm into their reading.

Join us dressed as your favourite book character as we celebrate the brilliance of books and the wonderful impact that they have on our lives.

Why does reading matter? Why does a passion for reading make such a difference to a child’s ability and opportunities for the future?
It is widely accepted that frequent reading from a young age has a beneficial impact on the brain, improving cognitive function and developing both logical and abstract thinking skills. The American Academy of Paediatrics’ recent 2017 study found that early reading can boost infants vocabulary and reading skills for years after. A passion for reading, and reading for pleasure has been shown to be more vital for children’s cognitive development than their parents’ educational or socioeconomic background (Sullivan and Brown, 2013). Studies have shown that those who read for pleasure have higher levels of self-esteem and a greater ability to cope with difficult situations. Reading for pleasure was also associated with better sleeping patterns (Billington, 2015). Creativity, imagination, self-efficacy, motivation, empathy, a sense of belonging, professionalism and achievement are all linked to being improved with reading and an engagement with reading.

As a successful school in this field, we want to support parents to develop their children’s reading and share new ideas on how to further enhance the reading experience for all. From 4.00pm, we are offering ‘Parent Seminars’, taught by our knowledgeable and approachable teachers:
4.00pm: ’The Must-Reads: books to share with your children’.
4.20pm: ‘Early Reading Skills: how to use phonics and comprehension skills at home’
4.40pm: 'The Reluctant Reader: how to engage and inspire a love of reading in your child'

This event is open to all: we wish to inspire readers in the local community and welcome prospective parents to use this as an opportunity to come and witness the passion and high standards that make St. Martin’s Prep The Best School in Lincolnshire. Our Headmaster and members of staff will be available to discuss your child’s education at our school.


RSVP or find out more by contacting us at or 01472 878 907!