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Latest News

CPR and other Important Skills

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting a Sponsored CPR Challenge! Mark, who runs our First Aid Club, hosted the event, hoping to raise enough money for St. Martin’s to purchase an AED (defibrillator) that can be used up and down Bargate, potentially saving lives on this busy road. Asking parents, friends and families to sponsor them, our children were challenged to complete 2 minutes of CPR on our adult and baby dummies! With the help of Mark and Neil, they learnt about how to perform chest compressions and breaths, before having a go! All of the children successfully carried out the 2 minutes, from our youngest to our oldest pupils!

As well as events such as today, our first aid club, safety assemblies, visits from the emergency services and upcoming parent workshop, all emphasise that we feel that first aid and other safety skills are crucial to be taught to children. It is a dated view to believe that first aid and basic medical training is solely for adults to learn. While children are still developing and growing, they can still make a huge difference from such an early age. If they are given the skills required to deliver first aid, they could potentially save the life of someone who perhaps would not survive. In fact, they could even help a friend or a family in need and so, it is clear to see just why they should be taught these lifelong skills.