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Parent Testimonials & Feedback

At St. Martin's Prep, we ensure our children thrive and succeed. But don't take our word for it, here is what some of our parents have said about our wonderful school. 

'Our enthusiastic, happy, increasingly confident boy looks forward to every day at school. The communication to parents both in school hours and even out of school hours is over and above expectation. For example, when our son has been taken ill, the level of care and attention he has received has been amazing and is so very much appreciated. We speak as parents who have sampled the rest... We’re so pleased we chose the BEST!' - Year VI Parent

'I love that the school is set in a big, almost family environment. The children feel safe and the pupils are nurtured, I feel. I love that the children wear a proper uniform, it teaches them that looking smart is important and having respect for the way they look and present themselves from an early age is also important. 
The education is outstanding at St Martin's Prep, the children are pushed to reach their potential and thrive!'
- Year V Parent

'St Martin's Prep is a nurturing, supportive and throughly dedicated school in ensuring children grow and thrive. Kindness is promoted daily in every aspect. Teachers are always available and approachable to speak to parents. An asset in itself.' - Year II Parent

'We love that every child is known by every teacher. I am confident I don’t just speak for my child when I say that children feel safe, happy and enjoy daily life as well as all the school has to offer with regards to religious activities and special events.' - Year V Parent

'I want to say thank you to the teachers for helping my 2-year-old settle in so well at St. Martin's Prep. I was really nervous about leaving her but I couldn't ask for any more care to be given.' - Nursery Parent

'My child went to St. Martin's Prep for his entire primary education and is now at a Grammar School. Reflecting on the school, it's easy to see that St. Martin's Prep pushes them ahead from the rest - the pupils are challenged and learning is tailored to suit each and every one of them. My child is continuing to be successful and this is because St. Martin's showed him that he is bright and capable. The teachers boosted his confidence and developed his determination and motivation. The teachers genuinely care about the children and get to know them, when there have been issues in my child's life, the school has been a massive support. Thank you.' - Former Parent

'I first noticed St Martins as a possible place for my child when I saw the Year VI class on a trip. My son was around 2 and the Year VI children were so nice to him and they were one of best behaved schools I'd seen. I then came to 'Little Martin's' after seeing the poster outside although I still was not sure about starting! Then I met the teachers - the Early Years teachers had me sold that this was the place for my son. The pastoral care is amazing. From a few weeks of my son joining so many members of staff knew his name - even the headteacher! Mr Thompson was familiar with him so quickly! It made St. Martin's Prep feel like a community, not just a drop off / pick up at the gate type of place.' - Year III Parent

'The class teacher is wonderful! My child will be sad to leave her class but I know that this school has wonderful teachers all the way through.' - Reception Parent

'St. Martin's Prep School has definitely been my second family throughout my time here! I want to be part of it's every celebration & achievement and to support it in every possible way. The reason I feel this love and affection is because all the school has given to my child. The achievement that she has had, the personality she has developed: it is all thanks to St Martin's Prep and it's teachers. It has made her confident and intelligent to be able to tackle whatever the future throws at her.' - Year IV Parent

'The Early Years teachers are amazing & I wanted to recognise the hard work that they deliver every day at St Martins Prep, to ensure the children’s individual needs are met.' - UKG Parent

'We chose St Martin’s primarily for its academic record. We also wanted our son to be in an environment with like minded children who want to succeed and do their best. We wanted our son to be in a safe and caring environment, where his welfare is paramount. St. Martin's is different from the rest with it's friendly, welcoming, well-behaved children, alongside dedicated and professional teaching staff. St. Martin's is better than any other school we've been to: it's academic record, pastoral care that is second to none and open door policy create a great school. Children are treated as individuals and are not just a number or result.' - Year VI Parent

'The teachers put in so much effort the children. The fun and busy schedule for pupils takes a lot to pull off and everyone works so hard.' - Reception Parent

'My child is now in the Prep Department, having grown up here and I feel certain he would not be where he is academically anywhere else. He needs a push and he gets it here. He needs care and warmth from friends and the staff and he gets that too. It’s great value for money. I genuinely have peace of mind because I feel my son is in the best place for him.'  - Year III Parent

'All I can say is "wow"! I cannot express how fantastic St. Martin's Prep has been for my son. The teachers, facilities, lessons and extra-curricular have allowed him to shine and gain confidence in all areas. He is making huge amounts of progress. Moving to St. Martin's was the best thing we ever did.' - Year I Parent

'I love St. Martin's Prep because of many things... The children are taught to conduct theirselves in a proper manner. Respect, kindness and honesty are taught and valued.' - Year V Parent

'It has been a pleasure to be part of the St. Martin's family for over 9 years whilst our children grew up. We have observed how a deep sense of learning developed within the unique environment of small class sizes has been imbibed by our children. The blend of academic and sporting activities has enhanced the school's reputation as a leading destination for parents desirous of maximising their children's potential. An open door policy and ready access to the school head and teachers has contributed to the high level of confidence the parents have in the school's ability to provide quality education to their children. Thank you St. Martins Prep, it has been a pleasure to be a part of this community.' - Former Parent

'St. Martin's Prep provides a nurturing environment for all. Children are able to learn on their own journey at their capable speed. I like the fact they are not made to wait, if they are ready, they will be pushed. The door is ‘always open’ with all staff members. Therefore, any areas of concern you may have can be addressed and resolved within 24 hours. I love the way Saint Martins acknowledges other cultures and invites everyone to celebrate different cultural events. It creates a good understanding of diversity and to respect it from an early age.' - Year II Parent

'St. Martin's Prep has impacted our whole family - it's such a welcoming place. Our children have been encouraged and inspired to achieve - from passing the 11+ to performing in front of an audience of over 300 - they have become well rounded individuals and are proud to be members of the St. Martin's Prep community. What a tremendous place.' - Former Parent

'We have shared the St Martins experience through generations of our family. We place great value on the friendly and nurturing environment of the school, which encourages pupils learning and development. We love St Martins Prep!' - Year III & VI Parent

'Excellence in learning in all areas, all in a happy and safe environment! Excellent principles and morals are taught early on. It's inclusive and diverse at the same time. The children are encouraged to become independent and are cared for. It paves the way for them to continue success later on in life, as my daughter is now doing.' - Former Parent

'Kindness and respect are at the core of everything. This school could not go any further to help provide an environment when children blossom. The school bus makes it so easy to travel from afar to this excellent education establishment. My child is doing incredibly well and growing up to be a wonderful human being, thanks to St. Martin's' support and care.' - Year IV Parent