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About our Pre-School

A fine beginning at Nursery

A strong relationship between teacher and your child is at the centre of their learning experience and so our Pre-School is the beginning of a successful preparatory school career for your child. 

Pre-School is a place where your children will be introduced to school life in an encouraging and stimulating way. You and your child will receive a warm and friendly welcome at the beginning of each session at Pre-School.

We offer full and part-time places in Nursery, with all pupils joining Reception full-time. This gives your child a great start to education, as we enable them to begin their school life with confidence and curiosity.

There’s lots of fun and educational activities for the children to do in Early Years and it gives them a fantastic foundation in their educational career. We have a friendly and welcoming environment where your child will feel at home. You will have peace of mind, knowing that your child will be happy, safe and encouraged.

'We are so glad we sent our two children to St. Martin's Prep from the age of two. They were given the very best start to learning and the teachers are so supportive. It was the best thing we ever did.'