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Latest News

A week of Sports!

This week has been full of activities as we have kick off the start of our sporting season. From cricket to rounders to skipping to athletics to swimming, our pupils have been busy representing St. Martin’s at a whole host of events.


On Tuesday, our Doyle, Shackleton and Elgar classes represented the school at a cricket tournament, whilst on Wednesday, whilst the whole school took part in the NSPCC Skipathon, some Booth and Doyle boys had a go at scoring some wickets. On Thursday, Booth and Doyle representatives took part in an inter-school athletics tournament whilst on Friday, the Juniors showcased St. Martin’s swimming talent at a swimming Gala. We did incredibly well, scooping up 1st place in the boys races and 5th in the girls, coming 3rd overall! 


We are so lucky to have a growing sports culture at St. Martin’s that will continue to blossom with the support of parents, pupils and teachers. At St. Martin’s, we believe sport to be an integral part of the curriculum which not only physically benefits our pupils but offers a whole host of opportunities and advantages.