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Latest News

Sport Relief!

This week we have been finding out what ‘moves us’ and getting sporty for charity!


Booth kicked Sport Relief off on Wednesday with their class assembly, which told us all about the charity Sport Relief and how they make a difference in the UK and around the world. We learnt about Precious, a child who lives in Johannesburg in South Africa. There was not a safe place for Precious to play until Sport Relief funded the ‘Skateistan’ skateboarding programme which supported the building and running of a skate park and centre for children. ‘Giving money to charity is important because it helps people less fortunate than us and might change their lives’ Says Hugo in Booth.

Today, our children got dressed and ready for action in their sporty clothes! Whilst some came in their running and gym gear, others showed where their loyalties lie in regards to sports teams – Mr Gilchrist and Mr Thompson weren’t sure about some of the kits!

Our Friend’s organised a healthy tuck shop this morning which all the children enjoyed: from mango to sweetcorn, there was something for everyone! ‘It was my first time trying watermelon and now I want more!’ Says Charles in Doyle. A big thank you to all of the parents and Friends who supported.

Throughout the day, St. Martin’s pupils ventured into the playground and hall to take part in some ‘sporty circuits’, organised by Mr Gilchrist and Elgar. The children loved swinging on the rope, having a go on an obstacle course, riding tricycles, jumping over ladders and hurdles, ball dribbling, bucket balling, space hopping and timber trailing! Phew! There was something for everyone from our youngest to our oldest children.

There were various teacher challenges throughout the day, with Mr Thompson challenging Mrs Crookes to have a go on the space hopper and the children donating big amounts to get Mr Thompson bouncing around on one! All in the name of charity!

At St. Martin’s, we value charity work and doing our bit to help those less fortunate locally, nationally and across the world. By instilling this value in our children and developing a culture of generosity, kindness and compassion, we hope to prepare the future generation for the adversity the world will bring by unifying and supporting each other. We are incredibly thankful to all of our pupils, parents, teachers and friends for giving so much when it comes to charity events at St. Martin’s.